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Heal, Gain Clarity and Embrace Your Beautiful Self


Welcome to Healing with Laura Jaye. Are you struggling to heal, gain clarity or find a positive direction in life? Do you need a professional portrait that reflect your true self? You came to the right place. My name is Laura and I am a tarot reader, reiki + energy healer, medium, and professional photographer. I am here to help. 

Available Services


Are you in need of intuitive guidance? Through tarot, mediumship, clairsentience (intuitive feeling), and clairvoyance (intuitive sight), I can connect with your guides or loved ones on the other side, and help you to gain insight and direction about challenges you may be struggling with.

Do you feel energetically blocked or are you struggling with negative belief systems? I am able to channel higher frequencies for your healing benefit, to clear energy fields/including living spaces, cut cords, release ancestral energy or 'other' life traumas, heal and balance your chakras, and more.

Are you struggling with self-esteem and a poor perception of self? Getting a Soul Headshot Photography session is a way to see yourself in a brand new light. I can work with you to help you feel comfortable and capture professional portraits that showcase your inner light and most amazing self. 

Gift Cards Now Available



Stacey F

Laura is a wonderful healer and intuitive. She is very down-to-earth and straightforward as well as soft and kind. I’m always amazed at what comes up in a session and how she is able to say the exact things I need to hear. Her use of reiki is an added bonus. Whether you are going through physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual hardship, or just want more clarity in your life, I definitely recommend reaching out to Laura.



Laura is a positive and fun person to get a reading from! She reads the Tarot cards and infuses her readings with Reiki so you're messages and guidance come from a space of healing. I received so much good information and guidance from Laura. Recommend her 100%


Cinthea F

Healing with Laura Jaye is an exceptional business. She goes way beyond the other Spiritual Counselors that I have experienced.
Laura Jaye has the skills and talent to go deep into my ailments for a thorough healing process. She is highly professional and listens to provide the utmost caring attention to every aspect of the process.
I give Laura Jaye my highest recommendation!


Coming Soon: Reiki-Infused Jewelry and Gifts 

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