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Here's what others have to say. 

"Laura is intuitive and truly gifted. She was able to help me move on by giving me a message from a deceased family member a few years ago. Years later she was able to help me again through difficult situations and challenges shedding light and understanding.

This has been a tremendous help with my healing process which is ongoing."

- Josie

"Laura is a positive and fun person to get a reading from! She reads the Tarot cards and infuses her readings with Reiki so you're messages and guidance come from a space of healing. I received so much good information and guidance from Laura. Recommend her 100%."

- Village Rock Shop, Carlsbad

"Laura Jaye helped me find some peace in my father's passing, validated my experiences, and uplifted me with joyful companionship on our journey. I enjoyed my experience and highly recommend her services."

- Cassandra

"Laura is so kind, compassionate, empathetic, and in tune! She was able to help me out when I lost needed it and I am so grateful to her!"

- Alana

"Outstanding experience! Thank you for the help, Laura!"

- Dan 

"Healing with Laura Jaye is an exceptional business. She goes way beyond the other Spiritual Counselors that I have experienced. Laura Jaye has the skills and talent to go deep into my ailments for a thorough healing process. She is highly professional and listens to provide the utmost caring attention to every aspect of the process.I give Laura Jaye my highest recommendation!"

- Cinthea

"Great experience! Laura provided a warm and encouraging environment for my professional photos and video. The quality of the final photos and video are fantastic. I am excited to have such as professional, crisp, and welcoming photos and video to share on my website."

- Stacey F

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