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Laura Jaye

Just like you, I have taken on the challenge of being here at this time, a time with unprecedented change and challenges. My own struggles and need for deep healing led me down a new path with the desire to support others in their process as well. 

My Experience

Our challenges make way for the opportunity to help others.

As a kid, I didn't realize how much of an empath I was. I thought I was just a dreamer with an active mind. Now, I see that I was connecting with the world, higher frequencies, social consciousness, and able to feel what other people feel. 

I personally experienced a lot of trauma growing up. That experience has only made me understand first-hand how challenging life and suffering can be. It has also shown me that we have a tremendous capacity for healing and transformation.


Because of my own healing process working with many different types of healers, energy workers, shamans, and trauma-therapists, I find it easy to understand the challenges that others face and hold space in an empathetic and kind manner. Suffering is a challenge and healing is something that we can accomplish together. 


When my father died in 2009 of brain cancer, my intuitive awareness heightened exponentially. I realized that I also have the capacity to be able to feel what is happening on the other side of the veil and felt the transitional spaces that the soul of my father went through. After I had this experience and visitations from him in my dreams, I started capturing orb photographs with his camera and was able to photograph many other types of energies in different environments, especially in nature. I also discovered that I could feel where the energies were and connect with them through love and prayers to join me while photographing. It has been a joy to give talks to multiple groups and share about this curious experience


The more healing work I do, the more I am able to support others. My abilities blossomed into mediumship with visitations of beings, deceased individuals outside of my family, along with the ability to help pass along messages from loved ones to others. The 'other side' is not a scary place, no matter what you may have done in this lifetime. It is a place for contemplation, healing, and reconnection with source energy. Sometimes loved ones still have the same perspectives that they embodied in their human suite, but on the other side there is still an opportunity for communication and healing, even if this is the case. 


After moving to Southern CA, I continued to study the esoteric arts, mastered tarot readings, and began working with clients at Kindred Journeys in Oceanside. During this time, I got certified in Usui Reiki I & II and offered sessions at psychic fairs and other shops in the area. Upon returning to Colorado, where I now reside, I have expanded my skillset again with Angel Reiki I & 2 and thoroughly enjoy the opportunity to support and provide information in readings to clients, and to assist individuals in the process of healing, removing blocks, releasing traumas (past and present lives), while clearing out auras and chakras (energy centers) so you can feel clear, energized, and ready to move forward in your lives. I absolutely love working with people

As for photography, I started photographing people in my teens and professionally in 2004. I feel as a photographer, I can connect with people on a personal level and create a healing and safe space for individuals to be themselves.
It is an absolute joy and privilege to witness the amazing facets in others and see people blossom right in front of me in front of my camera. I smile just thinking about it. No matter how society has shaped our views of ourselves, we still have the ability to witness and present our true selves to the world. I will support you and act as your witness to accomplish this. 

I am working on a Master's in Counseling and Art Therapy at Southwestern College. Stay tuned as my services continue to grow. 

You can check out my photography site as well at or on Instagram @laurajayephotography.


I look forward to meeting and working with you. Please contact me if you have any questions


Angel Reiki I & II - 2020

Asui Reiki I & II 0 2017

Tarot Mastery 2015

Orb Photography

Professional Portrait and Product Photography since 2004

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