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Typical sessions may include different aspects of different services. For example, I may notice some energy blocks right away, so we may want to clear those out first in order to gain better insight for a tarot reading, or the tarot may illuminate some areas of energy or trauma that needs to be shifted. 


Using tarot, clairsentience, and clairvoyance, I can connect with your guides, and help you to gain insight about challenges you may be struggling with. 

Intuitive readings may also reveal energy blocks that keep you from moving forward successfully. For this reason, guidance starting with tarot may incorporate some aspect of energy healing in order to create a positive shift in perspective. 


I am a certified Asui and Angel Reiki practitioner. This means that I am able to channel higher frequencies for your healing benefit. Depending on the support you need, I may also work with these higher frequencies to clear energy fields/including living spaces, cut cords, release ancestral energy or 'other' life traumas, heal and balance your chakras, and more. I can also help you learn methods for maintaining and balancing your own energy field. 


Are you struggling with self-esteem and a poor perception of self? Most of us struggle with this, especially when confronted with images on a daily basis advertising unattainable standards of beauty. Therapeutic portraiture is a way to see yourself in a brand new light. As an empath and intuitive, I can work with you to help you feel comfortable in your own skin and capture professional portraits that showcase your inner light and most amazing self. The truth is... You ARE amazing. And I am here to help you see yourself in a new light. 

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