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Headshot Soul Photography

A new way to be photographed in Colorado

99% of the people I work with struggle with self-esteem-related issues about their appearance. This is especially enhanced when it comes to portraiture. We are bombarded every day in society with messages that we are not enough, that we are not attractive and that we need products to change ourselves.


These insane social ideals in combination with a poor experience in front of a camera, would leave anyone feeling 'unphotogenic' or disparaging about how they appear in photographs. 

I am here to offer a different experience. A positive one, that will transform your experience and your perception of yourself. The truth is - that you ARE already beautiful from the inside out and I can help you see that in a transformative photography portrait session. 

Soul Portraiture for business, headshots, dating, and building self-esteem.
Denver, Co

What do others have to say?


Lisa Jo

"Laura- can I say here publicly that you are one of the top photographers that I have ever worked with!!! Dang girl you know how to bring out inner beauty to be captured on the film. And have an eye for special moments.
Oh, and you made me feel free to be me.
I think I laughed and cried, twirled and then motionless, moments of thoughtfulness, and moments to through caution to the wind.
Thank you!!"



"As long as I can remember, I've openly joked about my insanely uncanny ability to be as awkward and unphotogenic as they come. Although the humor helped, there was also tremendous pain wrapped in never seeing an accurate representation of what I wanted to put out into the world. Nervous, I told Laura it was going to be an insurmountable task to take a quality photo of me, given my previous experience with the camera.


Laura is a person, not a camera. My apprehension melted as we engaged. The camera was there, but Laura was seeing me. Laura beautifully captured the essence of my humanity. Tears of joy were shed when she showed me not one, but dozens of photos, all of me that I genuinely felt comfortable for all the world to see. This was no small feat, as I had assumed for years that I was unpresentable. The experience is most accurately described as transformative. A truly healing experience that I recommend to anyone whose light just needs a little illumination."



"I went here never having done a professional photoshoot outside of my senior pictures in high school, and it was an awesome experience. I went to get a business portrait and some pictures for dating apps.


As long as you come in with an open mind, you may be surprised at what you see in yourself. Just let Laura do her magic with over 17 years of creative experience" 

Photo Packages

Soul Portraiture Package 1 - $399


- Consultation

- One-hour portrait session in or out of the studio.

- 3 digital files for professional and personal use. Files are provided in both web-sized and print-sized versions.*

Soul Portraiture Package 2 - $699


- Consultation

- 1 1/2-2 hour portrait session in or out of the studio.

- 10 digital files for professional and personal use. Files are provided in both web-sized and print-sized versions.*

*Additional images are available a la carte. 

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